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Ibogaine Capsules For Sale Online


Ibogaine Capsules For Sale Online




Microdosing with iboga can be another effective way of working with iboga and is a safe and controlled way of using the plant, easily incorporated into day to day life. This is recommended for anyone who wishes to take a flood dose of iboga, so one can get a feel for the plant, and test for the extremely unlikely event of an allergic reaction.

If consuming root bark, it is good to taste a little pinch of the plant first so you get a feel for the plant with all your senses. 500mg of root bark can be taken every four days as an anti-addictive and anti-depressant medicine (empty ‘00’ capsules work well for this). Total alkaloid (TA) extract can be used in tincture form sublingually, which is a highly efficient way of using it, being absorbed directly into the bloodstream. In whatever form iboga is used, it is important to state a positive affirmation, as this intent will direct the iboga’s healing to where it is needed.

Ibogaine is the active chemical found in the African Tabernanthe iboga root that eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior

Tabernanthe Ibogaine HCL
$228.00/ Gram

Tabernanthe Ibogaine TA
$76.50/ Gram

Iboga Capsules 3 x 35 Capsules      (300 mg)
$184.00/ Gram

Tabernanthe Ibogaine Root Bark 20 Gram
$85.00/ Gram




Buy Iboga Capsules For Sale Online

Buy Iboga Capsules For Sale Online is a therapy for chemical dependence that eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior. It is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker. It helps in breaking both drug and alcohol addictions. We ship world wide without any problems. Treatment info and all help you need about our products are also provided.
The shipping is meticulously planned, packaging is done with professionalism to archive 100{00b984ec5e011571cc4762233765fcb2b66ee45e6fd60012c18fb63460cc26a6} successful delivery.

We offer professional services to our respective destination and directories on how to used, dosage and other vital information will be provided upon your demand and inquires.
Feel free to contact and we will be glad to help your demand and for your health and that of your family.

Buy Iboga Capsules

Buy Iboga Capsules, Iboga Capsules For Sale, Buy Iboga Capsule, Iboga (Tabernanthe Iboga) has a long history of use as a medicine and spiritual sacrament in central Africa. The legend goes that the forest people (pygmies) first discovered it through the observations of animals such as boar, porcupines and gorillas consuming the root. Iboga is used once a lifetime in a large dose in an initiatory ceremony by the Bwiti. The purpose of this initiation is for people to visit the spirit world and commune with the ancestors while seeking guidance for their lives.

Iboga is no pleasure trip. It lacks any kind of recreational attraction, and isn’t even intoxicating in the normal sense. Pleasure or thrill seekers look elsewhere. However, it has the capacity to be profoundly cleansing and therapeutic when used with care and respect.

Iboga… why take the plunge?

The west knows Iboga for ibogaine and its addiction interrupting effects. In Africa they refer to Iboga as a master healer and has been longer used as a medicine and a spiritual sacrament. Iboga is not only effective at breaking addictions but also a powerful ally in breaking destructive habits and behaviour patterns. Venturing on a Iboga journey is a personal and therapeutic experience, and it will tend to confront you with your past and elements of your shadow. For many iboga takes the form of a teacher…it is direct yet not overbearing, both powerful and gentle, having a soft touch while being straight to the point. Tabernanthe iboga capsules

While under the influence of iboga the user views themselves in a detached state. One is able to view their lives without the full emotional intensity and attachment such experiences may hold. This allows one to process things without being emotionally overwhelmed. Iboga provides a full brain defrag, while providing one with a thorough detox at the same time. It is a multifaceted plant that is physically, mentally and spiritually cleansing and grounding. Many people view iboga as a profound way of pressing the reset button on life, and to provide a fresh start to enact change. After taking iboga it is easier to move in a different direction and gaining new healing perspectives on life. Tabernanthe iboga capsules

Ibogaine hcl Capsules online

Are you tired of your addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.We have high quality iboga products (Ibogaine hcl, iboga TA, iboga capsules, and dried iboga root barks) for sale for immediate supply.

Preparation: Our products have a guaranteed purity of 99{00b984ec5e011571cc4762233765fcb2b66ee45e6fd60012c18fb63460cc26a6} and is of the highest available quality as it comes straight from our farm to our Laborator

Medicine content: Ibogaine is the active chemical found in the African Tabernanthe iboga root . It’s known for its modern use in treating opiate heroin , cocaine other drug addiction.

Our Iboga Rootbark comes from at least 10 to 15 year old trees.

High quality Iboga Rootbark from Gabon (powdered in capsules).

Tabernanthe iboga is a rainforest shrub that grows up to 2 meters. Its roots contains ibogaine, a strong long-lasting psychedelic that has been used traditionally in West African coming of age rituals. Buy Iboga Online extracts are also used in treating opiate heroin , cocaine other drug addiction ( Ibogaine is a therapy for chemical dependence that eliminates physical withdrawal signs and interrupts drug craving behavior.). It is both a therapeutic and psychoactive addiction-breaker.

We do worldwide delivery especially to Australia, Canada & UK. Delivery is safe and secure to your address.

Are you tired of your addiction to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, etc.

We have high quality to Buy Iboga Online products (Ibogaine hcl, iboga TA, iboga capsules, and dried iboga root barks).

Buy Iboga Online or Buy Ibogaine hcl has been proven to be the most influential herbal plant to cure addictions. When correctly applied, the results is 100{00b984ec5e011571cc4762233765fcb2b66ee45e6fd60012c18fb63460cc26a6} effective.

We offer Iboga pre-packaged in capsules, which helps with dosage and ease of consumption. Each capsule is 300mg. Buy Ibogaine Pills online

Iboga is traditionally consumed as root bark shavings, which are chewed then swallowed over many hours. Our root bark comes from Cameroon and Central Africa harvested from root bark sustainably

Ibogaine is an indole – alkaloid with antiaddiktiva and hallucinogenic properties. It is primarily extracted from the tropical plant Tabernanthe iboga, which is native to West Africa near the equator. Ibogain has also been isolated from the bushes Tabernanthe manii , Ervatamia yunnanensis and Ervatamia Orentalis . All these shrubs are members of the Oleander family (Apocynacae) [ 1 ] . Ibogain has been noted for its ability to abort abuse , mainly of opiate type, ie heroin , morphineand codeine [ 2 ] and in animal experiments have also produced results in the cure of alcohol , cocaine , nicotine

Types of Iboga

Iboga Capsules(100capsules), Tabernanthe Ibogaine HCL, Tabernanthe Ibogaine TA, Tabernanthe Ibogaine Root Bark(20grams)


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